Home Security & Automation Aren’t Two Different Things Anymore

When one thinks of home security, they generally systems think of surveillance which secure the entry points to homes such as windows gates and doors. A security system may include security cameras, motion sensors and an alarm. Home automation has to do with the ability to have control over these devices from any location in the world you may be. It is however not limited to just these devices associated with your security system. You may also be able to control your sprinklers, your lights, your air conditioning and heating system, pretty much anything in your home which can be automated.

Really when you think about it, both terms are not so vastly different. In fact, automation lends itself to the best iron clad security you can have. These days it is a more prudent decision to have a combination of both. Moreover, Home Security isn’t highly expensive and there are cheap security systems available now a days.

The New Definition

An apt definition to represent the merger of the two is an integration of various devices working together in the home, which are controlled on site or remotely through a computer device. The common term for a home which has been configured in this way is a smart home. The configuration is so intricate and complex that the automated elements of the smart home can be operated on a schedule (timed) or on demand (triggered).

Greater control and leverage comes through the ability to remotely control the various functionalities of the devices and appliances in one’s home. The development of home security automation really does take home security to an entirely new level.

What an Automated Security System Requires?

To achieve truly stable home automation and security, the essential elements are a computer with the appropriate program for controlling the various devices, the smart devices, an internet connection, wired connections and cables and a back-up power supply.

Scheduled control of the system can be achieved by means of setting a timed schedule, to allow the system to control certain functions at a particular time each day.

The triggered control may be brought about by the detection of motion, the touch of a button, a temperature sensor set to trip at, below or beyond a particular temperature or, by  means of an opening door which can be used to control the functioning of home lighting for example.

The Benefits of Automated Home Security

Some of the things you can enjoy with automated home security were previously mentioned in brief. While the initial set up and installation might cost you a pretty penny, the long terms benefits far outweigh the cost. Here is some of what you can expect.

Peace of Mind

The ability to always have a watchful eye on your home even if you are oceans away gives an exceptional feeling of security. In a system where people work very hard to achieve worldly comforts, a home is a haven of security as well as an investment. You can protect this investment from intruders and also stem any other potential issues which may arise in your home while you are away.

An example of this could be a leaking faucet. A high level of automated control will allow you to be able to cut the water supply or seek other assistance to resolve the problem. There is also the ability to control the lighting in your home. Many a home owner has been caught unaware by predators despite having an automatic gate. The ability to properly illuminate your premises prior to entry will give a feeling of added security.


While this may be viewed as a perk, the ability to control your home’s entertainment system makes for a fun as well as relaxing feature. This is the lighter side of automated home security, which you can share with invited guests or enjoy just for you or your family.

Lower Energy Bills

The ability to control the lighting, heating, ventilation and cooling systems of your home affords you a great opportunity to determine the way your utilities are used. You can save on utilities through timed or triggered commands and even save personal energy. It prevents you from walking from one room to the next to turn off lights and other devices you may have inadvertently left in operation.

The convenience afforded by such a system cannot be overemphasized. The leverage you have to control your smart home from anywhere you are able to receive internet connectivity is a total winner. It also eliminates the need for you to pay a security company on a monthly basis for surveillance.

The cost of installation is basically a one-time expense. Anything outside of that would perhaps be based on upgrades you choose to take advantage of. Automated home security has truly launched the world into the future and at the same time fills the basic need humans have to feel secure.

Author Bio:

Paul Allen is the President of Protective Security Systems, a company which offers Home Security & Home Automation systems in Massachusetts and Connecticut. The company is established since 1996.