Types of Fencing for a Modern Home

“Fencing” it is a very essential thing for a home from the security, privacy and beauty point of view. There are wide ranges of fencing. Fencing can be categorized by material and style. If we talk about uses of fencing, then no doubt it is the best thing to cover up your home from unwanted intruders. The most economical and safe way to protect your property from pets, storm and any other intruders is what fencing.

Types of Fencing According to Fence Material
Wood, Vinyl, metal, aluminium, steel, electrical, Bamboo, wire and slate these are very common material that are widely used to build a fence, but the most popular type of material is wood, metal and vinyl fencing. We can easily them at many places like in a home, at public places, in schools, around the garden etc.

  1. Wooden Fencing:– Wood is a very durable natural substance with natural shine and charm. It is the most common material to make a fence. Most of the people like it. It is popular because it can be customized in any design and shape without any hassle; it has a very long life span. You can purchase wooden fencing from any reputed dealer like Crowes Sawmillsbecause reputed dealer provides the best product and they never do any compromise with their reputation.

“Wood fencing has approximate lifespan of about 20 years with regular maintenance” – By International association of Certified Home Builder.

Red cedar, White Oak, Tropical Hardwood, Black Locust, pressure Treated pine all these are types of wood to make a wooden fence.
Red Cedar: – Red cedar is the first choice of many homeowners and it has natural resistant to many problems like moisture, rot, and bug. Due to this resistant power it has used for picket and post in a fence.
Tropical Hardwood: – Tropical hardwoods like Tiger wood, and Brazilian Cherry comes from south America. Tropical hardwood has to make the beautiful fence, decking and other wooden accessories. It has bit higher price than other fence.
White Oak: – It is a tough and hard wood. Most of the stable owners choose it for horses. White oak wood has ability of warp or bow. It is costly than pine wood.
Pressure Treated pine: – It is cheaper than other kind of wood. This kind of wood doesn’t have natural resistant for moisture so, with the use of chemicals and physical process it gets resistant.

  1. Vinyl fencing:– It is a plastic fence made with PVC (polyvinyl chloride). It is a very easy care alternate of other fencing and there is no need of painting or staining of it. Vinyl fencing is a nontoxic fencing and a good option for home owners. It has required low maintenance and vinyl is easily cleaned. The only issue related to it is what- it is made from plastic and it is less environment friendly than wood. We can say Vinyl fencing is a mimic of wood fencing.
  2. Metal fencing:– Metal fencing made from iron and no doubt strongest material to make a fence. Most of the home owner chooses metal as their doors and fencing, but metal has less flexibility than other material. Metal fencing needs proper care and attention. Painting and staining is primary need of metal fencing.

Types of Fencing According to Fence Style and Design
There are various designs, size and style available in fencing. Budget and requirements decides the type of fencing for a home. Some of very popular fencing is: –
-Picket fencing
– Split rail
-Two rails
-Cross buck
-Shadow box
-Basket-weave and many more.

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